A self taught coder, front end developer, and professional actor in Los Angeles. I like art. I like fixing things. I like making things. I like making money doing art and fixing things

Past Projects

Through The Woods Therapy

A custom Wordpress (built using Avada) website for a Therapy Center in Los Angeles


A custom made HTML/CSS/JavaScript site for an outdoor theater company based in Chicago

Shewey Realty

A real estate website made with custom HTMl/CSS that includes collboration in MySQL for the backend database.

The Functional Shoes

A simple custom made HTML/CSS site for a theater company based in New York City

Actor Website

An actor website including custom HTML, CSS and Javascript

Demo Travel Site

A demo site that exemplifies best practices in HTML, CSS, and Javascript

More coming soon!

Contact Me

If you are interested in collaborating with me, email me at kevin.shewey@gmail.com
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